Welcome to launderetteexpress.co.uk

Welcome to launderetteexpress.co.ukWelcome to launderetteexpress.co.ukWelcome to launderetteexpress.co.uk

we provides freedom of washing, drying and ironing, with our "Customer Care" your cloths can be drop at your convenience!

Our Commitment & Services providing

Our Customers & Services

Self Service Free Changing Machine

Our Customers & Services

•	Self-Services 
•	Contract 
•	Wait & Collect 
•	Express Delivery Service
•	Home Collection & Drop

We offer exceptional service to all our customers:


· Self-Services 

· Contract 

· Wait & Collect 

· Express Delivery Service

· Home Collection & Drop off 

· Business Drop off & Collection

Products Managements

Self Service Free Changing Machine

Our Customers & Services

Professional Service


We aim to deliver all orders within 24 hours depending with the contract and service requested. 

We are managing various range of contracts

· Hotels

· Restaurant 

· Bed and Breakfast 

· Hostels 

· Care Homes 

Self Service Free Changing Machine

Self Service Free Changing Machine

Self Service Free Changing Machine

We have free chage machine for all self service customers


You don't have to worry about not having change, come inn we have facility to give you peace of mind. We have changing machine to all customer free to use, so everybody can benefits. 

Our prices are affordable and cheaper for the 20kg and 40kg machines. All our machines are superb smart washers. 

Our Dryers are also superb smart dryers with technology to suit all type of garment, it has temperature control with different settings for individual needs. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

Self Service Free Changing Machine

We provide exceptional customer service


Our business operate professionally to all customer. We do all our best to exceed customer expectation with our “Customer Care” we tailored customer needs professionally as well as proving guidance to operate all machines effectively.

Wait and Collection Area

Exceptional Customer Service

Wait and Collection Area

Self service waiting and collection place


We have great waiting area to facilitate our customers to have fun and enjoy their time at the launderette. 

The waiting area is by the road with good view and much more to offer.

Designers cloths

Exceptional Customer Service

Wait and Collection Area

Our contact information


Check our “Tailor Made” unique designer’s cloths for every day wear.

We sale readymade cloths and can also sew it for customer with own material.


· Trouser & Jumper

· Khaftan & Trouser 

· Shirt 


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About Us

Our smart new launderette's machines

New Open Launderette

Businesses & Professionals

Self Service & Contract

We offer free delivery to businesses, and provide great service to all our customer.   

Our Services are;

  1. Exclusive washing 
  2. Excellent Drying
  3. Professional Ironning 
  4. Alteration
  5. Business logos design 

Our Smart dryers with efficiency

Self Service & Contract

Businesses & Professionals

Self Service & Contract

Our  machines are easy to use, we have provide guidence and information to support our customers.

We open 7 days Monday to Sunday

  • T-shirt & Trousers
  • Suit & Jacket
  • Blancket 
  • Duvet & Bed sheets

Our convinient Services

Businesses & Professionals

Businesses & Professionals

Businesses & Professionals

We open 7 days to all customers:

Monday - 09:00am - 19:00pm

Tuesday - 09:00am - 19:00pm

Wednesday - 09:00am - 19:00pm

Thursday - 09:00am - 19:00pm

Friday - 09:00am - 19:00pm

Saturday - 09:00am - 19:00pm

Sunday - 10:00am - 18:00pm

Contact: 07438625981

Self-service Launderette

We have waiting space for self service and collection, we also have changing machine for easy access to facilitate washing and drying.

We welcome all customers to visit our shop during normal business hours!

Ekillilu Tailoring & Launderette Ltd

B19 3UA, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom



Open today

09:00 am – 07:00 pm

Please for more information contact us on 07438625981

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